The cover must be:
Minimum size 3000 x 3000 pixels, maximum 4500 x 4500 pixels.
Format: jpg or jpeg.
RGB mode.
Maximum 36Mb.

The cover image can include only the following texts:
Name of primary artist.
Name of the release.
Name and / or logo of the record label.

Any other text, regardless of the language it is in, will be considered by Quality Control as "Additional Information", which will cause the release not to be approved until the cover is modified.
The title of the release must exactly match the title on the cover and the artist indicated as “Primary Artist”.
Make sure you meet these requirements so that your release is distributed correctly. In this way you will avoid delays and other steps that could involve additional expense. If Quality Control detects an error in the cover image of your release, we will notify you by email to the email with which you created your account in Limbo Music, indicating the modifications that you must make.

The cover image must NOT contain:
It should NOT contain internet addresses, mentions of social networks, mentions of stores and / or other audiovisual content distribution channels (neither paid nor free), logos of any store and / or audiovisual content channel, mentions of formats and / or contents related to the physical format.
It must NOT contain credits or mentions to other artists other than the main one / s. Mentions to the composer, arranger, producer, choir voices, instrumentalists, etc. will not be accepted. These should be assigned as appropriate, in the fields designated for this purpose.
It should NOT contain a list of tracks.
It should NOT contain descriptions of any kind, nor should it contain biographies.
It should NOT contain any phone number or email addresses.
It should NOT include any reference that this is a digital product.
It should NOT contain any reference to prices, or mention for promotional purposes.
It must NOT contain any pornography content, nor should it contain a link (URL) to a web page that contains or is linked to pornography.
It must NOT be misleading or contain false information. For example: include, highlight or refer to an artist who does not participate in the album and / or track (s).
You should NOT make references to content that the (digital) disc does not include, such as: "includes DVD" or "includes lyrics."
It must NOT contain any type of symbolism offensive to certain groups of people and / or ethnic groups, such as the Nazi symbolism restricted by the Strafgesetzbuch (section 86a).

Releases whose covers do not meet these requirements will not be approved by the Quality Control of the stores until they are modified.
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