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How do I submit a song to Spotify Editorial Playlists?

In order to apply, you must submit your music in advance. Spotify must have access to your music at least two weeks before its digital release. They receive it before it is released.
For this, you must set a "Digital Release Date" at least 15 days after the day you send the release.

How to apply:
Between 48 and 72 business hours after you send your release, log into your account Spotify for Artists from the computer or the App, go to the section "Music," then "Upcoming," click on "Pitch a song." You can submit one track at a time.
Select the song you want to apply and complete the form.
In the last section of the form, in the box "Describe your song for us," it is recommended that you suggest to Spotify's curators in which Playlists you think your song could fit.
A TIP for this: Check the artists similar to you in the section Their fans also listenon your Spotify profile. Look in those artists' "Information" section, then "Discovered in." The playlists in which they were included appear there. It is a way of knowing which playlists you could be on.
Click on "Submit" to finish. Through this process, you make your song available to Spotify's team of editors so that it is considered. They may or may not choose it. Limbo Music does not participate in this process.
If you want to modify something later, go back to "Upcoming," click on the 3 dots of the topic, "View submission," and click on "Edit."

To know if your song gets on to a Playlist or not, you must open your Spotify for Artists account on the launch day and click on "Music" and "Playlist."

Important: To access Spotify for Artists, you must have a Verified Artist account (blue check mark). If you don't have it yet, click here to find out how.

Updated on: 01/09/2022

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