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How to upload a release

Login to your Limbo Music account and press the "New Release" button on the left panel.

Step 1 - Album
Complete all the fields on sheet “1. Album".
Press "Next".

Step 2 - Tracks
You can create the tracks by dragging and dropping your audio or clicking on the box.
Complete all the required fields by entering each track.
Include contributors on the tracks: featuring artist, lyricist, producer, performer, etc.
Please enter the composer(s) of each song.

Step 3 - Release
Select in which stores and territories your release will be available.

Step 4 - Revision
Check that all the information is correct.
Press the “All done: send” button. Your release will be sent to Quality Control.
Our team will do the last review, and your release will be sent to the stores.

Remember that:

You must enter in each field only and exclusively what is requested. For example, in the fields “Track name” or “Album name,” it is incorrect to put the track number, the artist name, or the name of collaborators.
You may only distribute music content for which you have all the rights or appropriate licenses.
Upload and distribute your releases as far in advance as possible.
On Saturday and Sunday, there are no store deliveries, and Limbo Music has no customer service.
You will find a question mark to the right of each field. Hovering the mouse pointer over it, you will find suggestions for completing that field.

Updated on: 03/10/2022

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