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How to use Artist Audio Message (AAM) of Pandora AMP?

Do you want to improve your interpretation of Pandora? Get started with Pandora AMP.

What is Pandora AMP?
It is a tool that Pandora makes available to all artists, to connect with your fans, spread your music and grow your audience.
To use it, you must claim your artist profile. If you haven't already, click here and get started now:

One of the most essential features of Pandora AMP is Artist Audio Message (AAM).

What is an Artist Audio Message (AAM)?
They are voice messages you can record and upload to play on Pandora when people listen to your station or before or after any of your songs.

They are perfect for:
Engage your fans.
Provide them with a more intimate communication with you.
Promote your singles or tours.
Show your personality as an artist.
Enhance the listener experience by creating a moment of connection.

How should the AAMs be?
Duration: up to 15 seconds.
They rotate on Pandora: 3 months maximum.
Format: wav, .aif, .mp3 and .mp4
Volume: Ideally, the RMS level is around -17.
The message must be personal and addressed to the fan: as if they were speaking face to face, not massively to many people.
Clear and understandable: no distortion, no background noise, no echo, no choppy audio edits, no glitch noises.

Examples of AAMs:
Hi, I'm Banda Tierra Mojada, and you're listening to the single “Caballo Viejo” on Pandora.
I am excited to share our new "Caballo Viejo" song with you. We created this version during some time off on tour. You can now listen to it on Pandora. I hope you like it!
What's up, America? We will be on tour adding songs from the new album and singing together! Tap the screen to see tour dates and buy tickets now.
You're about to hear my new single, "Caballo Viejo". If you like it, give it a like. Tap the button on your screen to listen to our new album on Pandora!

12 steps to upload your Artist Audio Message (AAM):

Log in to AMP (You must have your artist profile claimed).
Click the blue plus sign (+) to the right of the header bar.
Click on "Artists Audio Message" in the dropdown menu.
The title "Message w/o Link" will automatically be assigned, but you can type whatever you want (the title is not shown to listeners).
Drag your previously recorded audio file to the gray box on the left side of your screen or click "Or Upload Audio" to select a file.
Click "Change Image" to upload a photo to accompany your AAM. Your Pandora artist photo will automatically remain if you don't upload one.
In the “Preview” field, you can review how listeners will see your AAM.
Choose the start and end date of your AAM.
Start date: it must be at least 4 days after the day you upload the message -this is what it takes for Pandora to approve the messages-.
End date: must be no later than 3 months after the start date.
If you want your message to play before or after a specific song, select it from the drop-down menu under "Choose a track to accompany the message."
If you don't fill in this field, the message will play before or after any of your tracks.
If you want to include a link with your message, paste the URL in the "Create a call to action" field.
Note: You can NOT link to a competing streaming service in this field, but you can put a packaged link (such as Linkfire), which includes Pandora.
If you want your message to play in a specific state(s), type it into the "Play this audio message everywhere" dropdown below "Locate it".
If you do not enter anything in this field, your message will be played in all states of the United States.
Finally, assign a name to your campaign in the “Title” field and click on "Post Campaign".
You can also save it "Save as Draft" and publish it later.

Updated on: 27/09/2022

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