All digital stores recommend uploading the music in advance.

This has several benefits:

Be taken into account by Spotify algorithmic Playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar of your listeners.
If this is your first release, you will be able to check your Spotify artist profile (blue check mark) and edit it: add a photo and bio before the music is released. See [this article] how to do it.
Submit a song to Spotify Editorial Playlists. See [in this article] how to do it.
Carry out a Pre-Save and promotional campaign for your launch, announcing the publication date. You can request your Pre-Save link or do it yourself. See [in this article] how to do it.

In order to distribute your music in advance, in the Limbo Music music upload form, on Sheet "2. Licenses," you must enter a "Digital Release Date" at least 15 days after the day you finalize and pay for your order.

For example: if you send and pay for your distribution order on March 1, you put March 16 in that field.
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