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What is YouTube Content ID?

YouTube Content Id is the song recognition system that allows any YouTube user to upload songs by any artist, but the person who collects is always the artist.

For example: someone uploads a video of a birthday using your song. YouTube recognizes that the song is yours, in that case Limbo Music collects the eventual income generated by the use of that audio in the video and you collect the royalties.

The copyright owners are the ones who decide what happens when the content of a YouTube video matches a work that belongs to them. In such a case, the video receives a Content ID claim.

When contracting YouTube Content ID, a digital fingerprint is generated on each song that identifies all the content that is the same on YouTube: both the official content of your channel and that uploaded by other users. YouTube Content ID protects the audios of the songs you have distributed.
It is not a monetization service for your channel, it's a monetization service for your songs.
YouTube Content ID does not support Creative Commons licenses.

⚠️ Important
By YouTube's disposition, if you send your release to the YouTube Content ID channel, it will also be sent to YouTube Music.
Claims (YouTube notice that the right to that song has been claimed) will come to you on behalf of [Merlin] Limbo Music, on behalf of the label you have entered on our platform. For the service to work properly, you should NOT contest this claim. You will receive this claim (as any user who uploads a video with your music receives) because YouTube has no way of knowing who the person is who uploaded that content. This claim is the verification that the YouTube Content ID service is correctly applied and working and that Limbo Music is collecting the eventual income generated on your behalf, as it does in the rest of the stores.
As long as a song is contested, it does not generate revenue.

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Updated on: 25/08/2022

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